HQ Sonics


Huynen Ultrasonics gives advice on, supports with and develops designs of
ultrasonic probes and accessories.

Prototypes can be build as part of this process.

We have more than 25years experience in ultrasonic probe development, design and custom build production for specific applications, e.g. research and development of sensors for ultrasonic gasflow measurement; high pressure sensors for deepsea testing; 3D-printed designs for high temperature applications and testing of small pipes.

We believe that innovation, quality, flexibility and support is needed to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. Together with our customers from the petrochemical, energy and construction industry, we aim to improve our products and services.

We are specialised in:

– immersion and contact probes;
– high temperature probes;
– high pressure probes;
– phased arrays;
– Solid Edge (3D design);
– MathCad (Calculation and Simulation).

Our strengths are physics of ultrasonic waves; materials science and visualisation of soundbeams. We have extensive knowledge of ultrasonic probe production.

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